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Amazon Account Opening Workshop

For the next 3 hours, you are going to learn how to register a professional seller account on Amazon together with a dedicated Amazon seller. ($500 value)

Next we will discover together what kind of items are profitable and suitable for us – Global Sellers to successfully launch on Amazon and

Step-by-step demonstration & hands-on practice are
a must at our workshop.

Please make sure that you bring your own Laptop & your own Mobile Phone for internet connection on site!

Before going through registration process to secure your seat at our workshop, you might have some doubt in your mind
“It isn’t difficult to open a seller account by myself? Why do I need help from the professional?”
Here is an answer below.

No! It is not difficult at all for an upcoming seller to register for a seller account on Amazon.  However, opening an Amazon Seller Account is very sensitive as Amazon is very strict.  If you mess this up it can cost you a lot of money – eg buy a new laptop, get a new Internet Broadband, get a new Identity!That is because Amazon put their priorities on providing optimal shopping experience as well as business environment for both buyers and sellers.  These regulations are mostly to verify Seller’s identification via validated channels so that Amazon could secure themselves from unknown or black entities who might corrupt the optimal business environment of Amazon.

Therefore you need to be careful and follow these instructions fully and carefully.

Amazon does NOT allow a person to have multiple Amazon Seller Central Accounts.  In other words, 1 identification 1 seller account basis.  No problem for Amazon Buyer accounts, Kindle Accounts, Merch Accounts etc – these are OK for you to have multiple accounts on one laptop.

Once you get ready with required document to upload, you will be able to finish registration process within half an hour.

In Summary:

✔️ Save your time on registering for A Global Seller Account on Amazon with Step-by-Step guidance with a help of a Professional Amazon Seller

✔️ Once you prepare required document in a right manner, the rest of the procedure will be smooth.

✔️ In case you fail for registration due to incomplete or wrong document submission, a proven ‘rescue prescription’ will be immediately applied to your account. Therefore, the account suspension rate will be able to drop dramatically.

✔️ (BONUS1)   Get some ideas on niche items
what kind of items are in high demands in the market

✔️ (BONUS2)   Download an eBook How To Start A Successful Amazon FBA Business

Hi I’m Andrew and I am helping ordinary people to launch, grow and brand their own products on Amazon.

The average age of my students is 40.  Some have IT knowledge and some are at beginner stage who only knows copy and paste which is the absolute skill. Some are full time workers looking for a second income.

This is how I started my online entrepreneur journey 7 years ago.

Now lets continue…

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Attention to Individual Students
We are a group of Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs who have experiences of more then 10 years. Our passion is to help ordinary people to successfully launch, grow and brand their own products on Amazon. We have built our portfolio strongly and steadily with a group of students who brought a great outcome. We love sharing knowledge and helping others who want to start and nurture a business online. Striving to deliver quality training and assisting our clients to achieve the best possible result is our lifetime mission.
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