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Especially For Frustrated Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Sales Professionals And Digital Marketers Who Can’t Seem To Profit From Facebook Advertising:
business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and sales professionals
“Discover How To Generate More Highly Qualified Customer Leads From Facebook By Spending Only $5-$25 Per Day In A Short Period Of Time!”
Small Businesses are shocked and surprised to see how they were able to generate 100%, 200% and even 1,150% ROI from their ads with zero experience in marketing and advertising!
Leveraging Facebook Marketing!
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“How I was able to successfully launch my first training business by filtering highly qualified clients from Facebook with a tight budget and generate 252% ROI in just 28 days”

Hi, I am Andrew.  Over the last 7 years, I have established my portfolio in Digital Marketing Agency and Teaching ranging from website development & maintenance, SEO, affiliate marketing, global eCommerce operation to delivering experiences and knowledge bundle to business owners and like minded individuals through conducting training.

Last January we were able to hit over 250% ROI for the Global eCommerce Coaching Business leveraging Facebook Marketing and have been also invited to Franchising & Licensing Association Singapore for coaching for their respectful members. A few projects are on hand in collaboration with business owners in F&B, education, investment and property sectors currently.

Our Facebook Business Growth Mastery is for Small Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Sales Professionals and Digital Marketers who want to generate millions of dollars of additional revenue, commissions and profits simply by applying the principles, strategies and tactics.

Looking back those days we spent over 3K, 4K hard-earned money to attend one digital marketing course which doesn’t even guarantee any return on course fee, we decided To Be Different from them in a positive way, in a beneficial way to the students who are willing to take action for their future.

Please continue to read why we are different from other marketers.

lecture to amazon sellers
(Giving a lecture to the upcoming Amazon Sellers)
speaking to franchising association
(Speaking to the members of Franchising and Licensing Association, one of our respectful partners)
What You Will Learn
  • Why Facebook advertising?
  • Connect with new audiences and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads!
  • MASTER Facebook Ads Manager!
  • Which one is better: Organic Ad or Paid Ad?
  • How to target the right audience group according to your business needs
  • What are Lead Ads and how do Lead Ads work?
  • How to create a high converting Lead Form
  • MASTER your sales funnel… awareness, retargeting, and conversion!
  • Produce engagement/like/click at minimum cost with my Facebook ad strategies!
  • How to create highly engaging ads that get Clicks, Leads & Sales!
  • Use the advanced features available in Facebook Business Manager.
  • MASTER Facebook Marketing all in one course!
Which Industry Are You In?

Meet your business goals with Facebook solutions tailored specifically to your market.

financial services
Increase your scalability and profitability in a mobile-first world.
retail ecommerce
Drive online and in-store product sales, from discovery to purchase.
Build, grow and monetize your game on the Facebook platform.
Accelerate every phase of the purchase life cycle, from raising brand favorability, to selling more cars, to increasing visits to the service bay.
Create awareness, build preference and drive sales for your brand.
health pharmaceuticals
Attract and retain valuable customers with powerful discovery and targeting solutions.
Which Industry Are You In?

Meet your business goals with Facebook solutions tailored specifically to your market.

Stay in step with your customers who operate in a mobile-first world.
professional services
Drive online and in-store product sales, from discovery to purchase.
beauty spa
Secure broad reach into your most valuable customer segments with our video solutions.
Captivate and engage your audience with sports they love.
Sell more products and strengthen your brand.
Attract and retain valuable customers using personalised insights and ongoing full-funnel solutions.
…And Much More
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Why Us?

A step-by-step guide to Facebook and Instagram marketing

Using the systematic smart ads system, you can make a difference for your business in just 30 days. Learn how to start advertising on Facebook, boost your knowledge with well-programmed Facebook Business Growth Mastery and then create and measure your first ad.

We’re here to guide you, every step of the way.

We are a group of Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs who have experiences of more then 10 years. Our passion is to help ordinary people to successfully launch, grow and brand their own products on Amazon. We have built our portfolio strongly and steadily with a group of students who brought a great outcome. We love sharing knowledge and helping others who want to start and nurture a business online. Striving to deliver quality training and assisting our clients to achieve the best possible result is our lifetime mission.
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Attention to Individual Students
EnrichMetrics   Smart Ads System
Choose Your Objectives
  • Build Awareness:
    Grow your brand awareness by generating interest and increasing your reach.
  • Encourage consideration:
    Get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information.
  • Drive conversion:
    Encourage people to visit your website and complete an action.
Get Creative Inspiration
  • Mobile Studio:
    Move people with motion
    * Video contents
  • Find out how to make stunning ads using just your mobile phone.
Create Your First Ad
  • Campaigns contain ad sets and ads. Options you set at this level reflect your business goal, also known as your marketing objective.
  • Ad Sets are a level below campaigns, and contain ads. Options you set at this level reflect your priorities around ad delivery. This includes your target audience, placements, budget and schedule.
  • Ads sit under ad sets, and are where you provide the photos, videos and promotional messages that people see on Facebook.
EnrichMetrics   Smart Ads System
Measure Your Ads
  • Track how your campaign is doing with the Ads Reporting tool.
  • Measure your campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger — and across devices — to find out the number of people who were reached or engaged with your ad. You’ll also get to see the demographics — age, gender and location — of your audience.
  • By knowing how your ad is performing, you can make the necessary tweaks to your creative or messaging for greater campaign impact.
Add a Pixel to your website
  • The Facebook pixel allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads by showing you the actions people take on your website. By knowing when a customer takes an action, you can reach that customer again through future Facebook ads.
  • In order to use Facebook pixel, you’ll need a website for your business and the ability to update your website’s code.
Create Custom Audiences and lookalike audiences
  • Once you’ve set up a Facebook pixel, try creating different audiences for future campaigns./li>
  • Custom Audiences are your existing customers or people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or other platforms.
  • Lookalike audiences are people on Facebook who are similar to your existing audiences.
EnrichMetrics   Smart Ads System
Plan Your Future Content
  • Now that you’ve made your first steps, it’s important to keep your momentum by continuing to engage and excite your audience.
  • Make a list of upcoming special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day, and plan ads, posts and promotions around them.
  • Try out different objectives, audiences, creatives and calls-to-action to see which work best for each stage of your business.
  • Explore different ad formats with Creative Hub, an online tool that lets you create mock-ups easily and instantly.
make a difference
Business Growth Mastery (Full Day Course)
Facebook Business Growth Mastery is One Full Day Course that will cover from start to end, how you can setup and run paid advertising on Facebook to get highly qualified leads and sales almost immediately.
Essentially, you’ll learn the practical, result-driven strategies and apply them to your own market to get almost-instant sales!
$299 nett
No hidden cost

Stop burning advertising dollars on less productive and costly channels!

Rather Make $10,000 to $100,000 more sales from Facebook marketing in less than a week after taking the course!

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